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  1. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.. I like the new look! Time to reconnect, O.K.?

    I feel the Peace & Joy

  2. Your story is inspiring and awesome, I know you’ve heard that a million times but what else can I say to convey how cool it is? I have to read the Quest article, I ran across your story a long time ago and added it to my website, many friends have also seen you now and are inspired as well. Anyway I really just wanted to say Hi, and tell you I think if you don’t already know some of the people I know you should they would be your kind of people. I have a lot of links on my site but one I’d love you to see is this one: I belong to a local chapter in Madison that is just getting it’s feet wet with a first Hope And Possiblilties event and gathering this July in Madison Wisconsin we have stroke recovering athletes, those with MS, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Amputees and other physical items including MD like me.

  3. Hey, Greg! Nice website. Great article on Quest. Readers absolutely should click the “online” link to get the full effect. I totally forgot about your scuba diving adventure. Keep on rolling!


  4. Hello Greg: Hope all is well with you and your family. I am looking for information on how to revive the Black Disabled LISTSERV. I am doing research on African Americans with physical disabilities which was inspired by this list serve and have need of asking members to participate on research for racial/ethnic identity process and physical barriers within the community.

    I will extend an honorarium for the interviews however, I would like to reunite with some of our members and with you too, it there is anything I can do to assist with your program such as interviews, I am open,open, I need to find at least 10 members to interview. Please help me. also, I am going in for surgery in a week and would like to set up this portion of methodology very soon. I an under the wire.

    Love you

    Sheila Y. Milan M.S. Ed
    Center for Access-Ability Resources
    Northern Illinois University
    UHS Room 412
    Dekalb, Il 60115
    FAX: 815-753-9570

  5. Me again Greg: Is Quest Magazine a publication that can be requested as a resource for disabilitiy studies or mainstream interest?

    I know that mainstream readership needs to know and understand “differences” therefore how would you suggest that knowledge be disbursed to affect the masses

  6. Greg it was indeed a pleasure to meet you and your family on our recent trip to Mississippi. I was inspired by your ability to overcome the many obstacles presented to you and I tell you after talking to you it made me feel there is a lot more for me to do with my life.
    I look forward to hearing you speak and I am working feverishly to try to find a venue here in Miami so that I can have you to come and be a presenter. You and your family are truly an inspiration for me and I hope to be able to see you and your dad “Captain Jim “again real soon.
    Randall Darling
    Community Coordinator/Carrie Meek Foundation
    1111 Park Centre Blvd. Suite 202
    Miami Gardens,FL 33169

  7. Hi Greg,

    Your new site looks good. Are you still traveling for your talks? I tried to see when you might be in IL this year. I will be teaching a course in the spring and thought you might want to come as a guest for one session

  8. Hi LaWanda!
    I would love to come “home” to Illinois. Please call me at 877-331-7563 or email

  9. Greg addressed our faculty and staff as our keynote for our annual retreat. We wanted someone who inspired, challenged, and helped us to see our lives through the lens of someone who has overcome struggles and signficant challenges. He was the perfect fit for us…the feedback I received from fellow faculty and staff was overwhelmingly positive, and the whole mood of the room was electrically and positively charged…plus his message hung with us well after the address. If you want someone who engages and energizes….and leaves you with simple and powerful message we ALL can use ALL the time….alll Greg. He’s your man.

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