Remember the “Telephone Game?”  You know, the kids game where the first player whispers a phrase or sentence to the next player.  They, in turn, whisper it to the next and  each player successively whispers what that player believes he or she heard to the next.  At the end, the last player announces the phrase to the entire group.

What happens?  Usually the final sentence is significantly different than the original one!

My story has been told countless times in newspapers, magazines, books, television newscasts and even in a documentary film.  I feel very honored and privileged to be able to communicate the lessons I’ve learned from my unique life experience for the benefit of all who will listen.  While the essence of the story has remained intact, there are a few personal details that have become exaggerated to the point where I just want to set the record straight.  And I’ll be very brief:

1. My ex employers at the radio station in Phoenix were not monsters who refused to give a disabled guy a chance!  They were great people who taught me everything I know about broadcasting and who supported me as I transitioned from an employee to an entrepreneur with a destiny ahead.


2. My ex wife is not an evil, heartless person.  We shared some of the most wonderful experiences of our lives together.  And she gave me the three best friends I’ll ever have in the world… my three children.  We didn’t work out, but we will always love each other.

The most recent article in Quest magazine is wonderfully written, and captures the essence of what “The Strength Coach” is all about.  While it touches on the two elements above, it does so mildly.  It just reminded me that I’ve wanted to address these two issues for a long time now, and it does feel good to finally express my thoughts and cross it off my list.

That said, enjoy the article in the Spring 2009 issue of Quest Magazine.  Be sure to click on the online version to see the entire spread as it appears in the magazine.  Go to page 78.  And check out my ad on page 90.