The Power of Your Story

Many professional speakers have what’s called a “signature story.”   I’ve told mine literally hundreds of times to audiences across the country and around the world.  You might think I’d  get tired of telling it over and over again.  Or perhaps I’d lose my enthusiasm for the story because it might become stale and “used up.” 

You know what?  I’ve found the opposite to be true.  Every single time I tell the story, I cast my thoughts and my feelings inward and I imagine myself actually living the experience again!  It was an experience of triumph and self satisfaction, and I actually earn a living, reliving one of the most empowering moments of my life! 

I told the story yet again today to a group of Kiwanis Club members in Biloxi, Mississippi.  As I shared the story, I could look at the faces of the people listening and see that they were captivated and inspired by what they were hearing.  And that appreciation made me feel great!  From that talk, I went on too have one of the most productive, successful days in a while. 

You don’t need to be a professional speaker to benefit from this insight.   I believe we all need a daily diet of positive mental nourishment to build our inner strength.  One great way to get that nourishment is to talk about your greatest moments and share the lessons you learned with others. 

Think of something you accomplished that you are extremely proud of.  Maybe it was something very challenging or seemingly impossible. Yet through determination and perseverance, you got it done! 

Today, make it a point to tell your story sometime in the morning.  And at the end of the day, reflect back and see if it gave you a boost towards a productive fulfilling day. 

Let me know!


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  1. There’s a turning point in everyone’s life, which can transform you from an anonymous entity to a celebrity. This can be your “Signature Story”. You’ll simply love to narrate it on every platform. Your listeners can draw inspiration from it, and try to replicate it. It can be a great source of motivation to them.

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