The greatest feeling in the world!

There is no better feeling in the world than the feeling of consistently feeling GREAT about yourself!   Wow, a lot of “feeling” went into that sentence, and I hope I didn’t confuse you, but if you analyze it, you’ll find it to be true.  Everything we do is for the purpose experiencing that greatest feeling in the world!

Too often, we confuse the boundaries between feeling GREAT about ourselves and feeling adequate.  For example maybe you have a good job and earn a decent living.  You have good credit.  You go to work every day.  Your job is secure.  You’re doing good.  You’re living an adequate life.  You feel GOOD about yourself.  Deep within, you’re satisfied with yourself and you know you are functioning well. 

If I’ve just described you, congratulations because in these difficult times, if you’re stable and feeling good about yourself, you are within striking distance of that feeling of greatness.  Many people are seldom experiencing even a good feeling about themselves.  We’ve all experienced despair, hopelessness, and a feeling that we are not special, and in our current environment the group of people with those feelings is growing.  Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ll be inspired to jump off that bandwagon now!

I challenge you to consider this queston: Are you really living?  Where’s the excitement? Where’s the passion?  Where’s the purpose and meaning?  Why are you here?  What are you supposed to be doing? 

Answering those questions will reveal the secret to finding that ultimate feel-GREAT lifestyle.  Unfortunately, those questions are some of the most difficult known to mankind.  I don’t think I’d find pleasure in learning the precise statistical information about the percentage of people who go through their entire lives and never find their purpose.  As a result, they can never feel truly GREAT about themselves for any extended period of time. 

I think life is too precious.  The consensus of physicians was that my life would be a very short one.  So I’ve given this thought of purpose some careful consideration and can pass along some insight to you.   My purpose is to experience life with the unique characteristics I have been assigned (black, skinny, in a wheelchair, physically weak, yet insightful, vocal, stubborn articulate, observant, patient) and to communicate about what I’ve learned from this perspective in a way that can be of assistance to all.  I’m doing that and it feels GREAT!

If you continue to merely exist, satisfied with the good feeling about your adequate lifestyle, you are selling yourself short.  Your destiny awaits.  Here’s how:

The first step to discovering that purpose is to put yourself in a feel-great state consistently.  Do something for someone else without expecting anything in return.  Do something difficult that you’ve been putting off because you’ve been dreading the process of doing it.  Instead of fearing the pain involved in the process, focus on the great feeling you will experience when the goal is reached.  The more you can give yourself hints of that feeling of greatness, the more you’ll discover what makes you feel great, and in the process you’ll find your answers.  What did you do that made you feel GREAT today?  Have an answer every day and you’ll be on your way!

Comment below:  What did YOU do that made you feel GREAT today?


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