When bad things happen, look for a reason to reflect back on it and be happy things turned out the way they did!

They say everything happens for a reason. 

A bad thing happened to me about 45 minutes ago.  As I write this, I am a prisoner of my own carelessness.  I am literally chained to the wall.   Yep, I forgot to plug my power wheelchair into the wall last night for it’s every-other-night recharge.  I guess the kids being home from school for Mardi Gras messed up my internal schedule or something, but right now, I’m glad it happened!  It happened for a reason that I hope you’ll remember the next time  you’re faced with an inconvenience or a seemingly negative circumstance.

I discovered the dying battery moments ago when I attempted to roll my chair up the ramp and into my van, so I could go scope out the room at a local high school where I’ll be speaking tomorrow.  Inches up the ramp, the power shut down and I was stuck.  Luckily, help was available and after getting pushed back into the house and plugging the chair in, I decided to use the time to document this experience in my blog. 

You see, I’m glad the chair was dead.  I called the school and moved the meeting back 45 minutes.  And now, for the second consecutive day, I’ve posted a blog entry! 

I think that’s important.  With this blog, I’ve pledged to myself that I would use it as a platform to share the unique experiences that arise from the combination of characteristics that make me who I am, and to inspire you to apply the lessons I learn to your own life.  Had my chair not been dead, I honestly don’t know if I would have blogged today.  And blogging today and writing these words have reinforced to me the fact that I have a responsibility to teach these lessons to you.

When bad things happen, look for a reason to reflect back on it and be happy things turned out the way they did!



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  2. Don’t forget about the time when you flew in from Phoenix and unfortunately we broke your wheelchair. Enjoyed getting to know you on the drive and just wanted to say hello. Best wishes… John Still/SWA

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