Help comes from various sources, but don’t think too hard. Your “Inner Strength” is instinctual. Go “Beast-Mode!”

I know you don’t need a reminder that we’re in tough times with massive job layoffs, banks failing, and a seemingly impossible job market.  We need HELP!  But we must remember that help can and should come from multiple sources.  

Government is one source.   Our dire need for help resulted  in President Barack Obama’s successful fight for the Economic Stimulus Package and his encouraging message to the nation last night.   That help is on the way as we all sit and wonder how it is going to impact us. 

Religion is another source.  During traumatic times, Americans have always tended to become spiritual. We saw this during the aftermath of 9/11 and other tragedies. This economic slump is no exception.  Church attendance is on the rise.  Even those who claim they are not overly religious are claiming they feel more spiritual. 

Relationships are another source.  People are realizing the importance of love and encouragement from close friends and family in these challenging times.  Have you reached out to people you care about lately?  Perhaps you become re-acquainted with people you haven’t heard from in a while?  I believe there is a good reason why the social networking sites are expolding in membership.  People need encouragement right now from those who care about them. 

But there is another source of help that is often overlooked.   Deep inside our DNA and the DNA of every living thing lies the most basic of instincts… the survival instinct.  It’s the essence of “Inner Strength.”  When our lives are threatened, we have the ability to kick it into a whole other gear and will stop at nothing to ensure our survival.  

When a lioness has hungry cubs, she doesn’t start looking for assistance or encouragement from other lions!  She doesn’t sit and hold optimism that times will improve!  No!  She goes into a different level of being, and she makes the kill.  That killer instinct is the survival instinct.  It’s a fundamental “inner strength.” 

Unfortunately we, as humans, are too burdeoned by our most valued attribute… our powerful brains.  Sometimes, it’s important to get into “Beast-Mode” and harness the inner strength that is anchored within us all.  Unfortunately, we are often too sophisticated to know how to do that.   What we need to do is learn how to build our “inner strength” and tap into the power of our survival instinct.  These days, we should study the process of tapping into our inner strength as if our lives dependend on it! 


Bring “The Strength Coach” to talk to your group and you’ll create an entire team full of “Beast-Mode” achievers!   
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  1. I don’t know about relationships as far as spouses, but when I think all else has failed; well before that happens, God is the first and only person I call on. I have had find the “beast-mode” on a number of occasions. Like you said its there just dig a little deeper. Great post.

  2. What a perfect addition to the encouragement that you so naturally give to everyone who crosses your path – A BLOG ! What you have dedicated your life to is what SOOOOO many people need every single day. As I am going through a tough season in my own life, I look around and notice much more than usual how much lonliness and pain exists all around. We ALL need a word of encouragement and motivation ! Thank you for what you do. As I write I am in DC working towards the future of the Backyards & Beyond traveling exhibition … One foot in front of the other … with each person I talk to I look for the answers. One day I foresee Greg Smith giving an encouraging talk at a Backyards & Beyond opening in some major museum ! Just met with the National Endowment for the Humanities and I foresee a working relationship with them in the future ! Take care and thanks for reminding me to look for the good even when I forget to charge my batteries !

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