Welcome to my blog

I’m so excited to be able to reach out to you and share my knowledge, insight and expertise in this format.  I’m looking forward to the dialogue!


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  1. Dear Greg
    I am so excited for you on this new blogging endeavor. You have inspired me so much over the years. There is a certain ‘peace’ when we forget to plug in the power chair and have to chill out ‘in the moment’. We get to see what flows through the stream of consciousness while ‘charging up’.

    Taking the opportunity to reflect, write and share your dynamic thoughts once again is a nice gift. Blazing a new trail of teaching others in yet one more healing manner. Your insights are so rich and in touch with the heartbeat of being a real human being.

    Interesting things happen on the inside with the writing process. I’ll be looking forward to your new perspectives.

    Thanks so much for having the courage and strength to live a life of wholeness…and sharing it. My doctor says to me, “You’ll never know all the good you do” and that I will pass a long to you, Greg.

    My best, Celia Casper

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