Greg Smith: Professional Speaker, Author, Coach

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Greg Smith is “America’s Strength Coach.”  He’s the expert when it comes to inspiring excellence in the face of difficult times.  He has mastered the skill of teaching people how to build inner strength by lifting the weights of life’s challenges.  Greg’s lifelong experience with muscular dystrophy has meant his gradual loss in physical ability since childhood.  Yet as he has weakened physically, his accomplishments have grown from impressive to spectacular to unbelievable!

Greg’s lifelong study of inner strength, combined with research he has conducted of others who have excelled past challenges, give him a unique perspective that is particularly applicable in today’s environment.  We invite you to browse this site and find out more about “The Strength Coach,” read excerpts from his books, see clips of his keynote presentations, learn about his one-on-one coaching, and invest in his inner strength resources.